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"El mundo es plano"

Thomas Friedman


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Las divisiones geográficas se están volviendo cada vez más irrelevantes y, aunque la digitalización une a las personas, también las separa al evitar reuniones físicas informales, almuerzos, café, donde se impulsa la creatividad.


Orientación para ejecutivos internacionales

Nuestros ejecutivos han logrado carreras comerciales exitosas con trabajo duro y aprendieron muchas lecciones en el camino que, de conocerse, habrían facilitado su camino. Permita que le brinden alguna orientación, aumentando sus posibilidades de convertirse en expatriado.


Conozca la

cultura del país

Nunca tendrá una segunda oportunidad para dar una primera impresión, y Andrea Sebbe ha capacitado a más de 15000 personas para adaptarse a nuevas culturas. La globalización requiere un cambio de percepción para que las empresas sigan siendo competitivas y para eso hay una gran demanda de competencia internacional, pero la competencia es dura. Asegúrese de dar su mejor impresión desde el primer día conociendo los estándares de código de cada país.

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Esteban takes anticoagulants

Esteban travels around the world both due to business and as a tourist. He has a heart disease and needs to take anticoagulants regularly. He has always at easy reach a health certificate containing his most vital heath information in case he needs emergency.

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Bring Solutions

Early in my career, I had a very skilled manager who used to say: “If you are going to bring me a problem, make sure you also bring 3 possible solutions”. 

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How to avoid a toxic workplace?

Many inappropriate behaviors and attitudes can interfere in a workplace affecting company results and personal  achievements. This happens because, with certain actions, a team can feel unmotivated to continue and to improve at work.

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Experience abroad

Patricia went to Brasil to live one year as an exchange student when she was only 17, a shy girl that wanted to work in kindergarden. 

Today she lives in Japan, have worked for Sony, and now teaches in the Tokyo University.

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California dreaming

Living the american dream has brought many people to USA from all over the world, and many who think "things will sort out" end up having to sleep in their cars. 

To avoid "immigrant traps" there are some basic rules.

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Ma io no parlo italiano

Marcela chose to be an exchange student in Italy, dreaming about Milano and the fashion world. Instead, was assigned to the south of Italy, in a small city where people spoke nothing but Italian. What seemed scaring in the beginning, turned out to be a life changing experience

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“Andrea has provided me with the tools and coaching to have the confidence to take my career to the next level. She helped me to prepare for my interviews and has supported me through early phases of my new role. I consider myself truly blessed to have her mentoring me in my career. She is always available and I look forward to every one of our sessions.”

“Great advise and insight into the dynamics of being a female leader and major contributor to highly effective corporate management team.”