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Life beyond borders

Counseling, Coaching or Mentoring?


It is a consultation in which suggestions on the best way to act in a specific situation are offered. For example, you have two contracts in hand and are trying to decide which one to choose.


The purpose of coaching is to improve a person's job performance by improving or acquiring new skills. For example, you need to improve your conflict management, deal with the competitiveness of colleagues and speak in public.


Mentorship tends to focus on the future and broader skills for career development. For example, you have your dream job in mind and want to create a roadmap to win that job.

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Do you have what it takes to live abroad?

Andrea have worked years with psychology on recrutation, finding the right person for the right job. She first made an analysis of the culture of company and the job who the person would be working, and later interviewed candidates, mapping their best qualities and the ones who would have a bad impact on the role they would perform.

Currently she works with child adoption, interviewed children and prospect families, and even assisting them after the the adoption has been made, a job that has a high responsibility.

The similarity of the cases mentioned above and living abroad are the same: you have to be best suited to embrace the new challenge, which will demend a lot of strenght. In this speach she will talk about mental health and ways for self-evaluation

Are you ready to become an expat?

Expatriates are employees that do such a good job in their home countries that companies invite them to move abroad with a significant raise in salary plus benefits.

Our advisors can provide you guidance on how to plan your carrer and be prepered in order to be more attractive to the market and improve the chances of growing in your career.

She walks the talk

Andrea has had a meteoric carreer within the Volvo Group, which has factories all around the world and employs over 100.000 employees, in areas such as Trucks, Construction Equipment, Penta (boats) and several more.

In a business area dominated mostly by men, she became an expatriate from Brasil to Sweden, and later from Sweden to USA, where she lives now. It is a lot of hard work, but it has its fun moments as well: aside from receptions, trips around the world, nice hotels, ...

In 2015 she was appointed as member of the America Corporation executive team, the first of kind in gender, age and nationality.

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