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Life beyond borders

Continuous improvement

Would you imagine to see an athlete without a coach? Or a singer? Or a musician?

High performers realize that, evenif eventualy they will figure out the advices received from coaches,

they want to have a "knowledge shortcut" on their learning curve.

There is no time to waste!

Interviews with high performers

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A really long jump to a life beyond borders
Samory Uki was 8 years old when he first started in a social project to do track and field at Sogipa. Spotting his talent, Martina Lindemayer, coach of SOGIPA, one of the most traditional athletic clubs in Brazil, saw a great potential in him. Her action proved to be right: among his achievements there are 4 National championships titles in youth and junior ages, 2 South American championships titles in junior and under 23 ages and he even figured in 3rd place in the world ranking of under 18 years in long jump.
His successful story reminds us of "João do Pulo" Brazilian hero in long jump and triple jump. Sport opened doors to invitations of 8 universities in USA, Samory chose Kent State University, and graduated in International Relations. Fluent in 3 languages, Portuguese, English, Spanish and learning his 4th - German, he remembers the tough beginning in a foreign country away from family and friends, but the grit built as an athlete made him overcome the challenges, be the inspiration to others like him, eager to follow his steps and is living proof that sports can change lives. He is currently training to secure a spot in the Olympic Games in Tokyo!

    Historic interviews

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    Beyond planet Earth borders

    Growing up, Thais Russomano always dreamed to become an astronaut and live in the space. Many kids of young age have similar dreams, which eventually vanish as they grow up, but they did not for Thais.
    She graduated as an internal medicine doctor in Pelotas, Brazil, then continued her career with a Master degree in Aerospace Medicine and even a PhD in Space Physiology, fields that she has been working and teaching for 30 years, and belongs to countless entities around the world.

    After NASA´s successful landing in Mars we bet you will love to watch this interview. Her company, InnovaSpace, has an amazing project called Kids2Space which aims to start preparing the future professionals that one day will work side-by-side to make the life beyond planet Earth a reality.

      Dream big and  "Just do it"

      Linai Vaz was an accomplished speed swimmer from Porto Alegre who never feared the hard work to overcome obstacles and achieve her dreams. After winning every race she participated in swimming, as an example of her determination, she went for a new challenge: swim the English Channel. To prove she would be able to do it, she swam for 10 hours nonstop in a small 20 meters swimming pool. 
      She later decided to devote her energy to a new sport - synchronized swimming - and was one of the pioneers in the sport in Brazil, where she coached a small team.. After the graduation, she went for a Master's and Doctorate Degree at The Ohio State University, which eventually brought her to be the assistant coach of the synchronized swimming team. 
      That experience led her to lead the US Olympic Team as the National Team Director and led the efforts to 3 bronze medals at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.
      She has been now working for Nike for 14 years, and has proven to be a great team builder, expert team coach, and motivating leader, reaching higher leader positions along her path. Her current role is Global Director for Textiles and Print in Global Apparel.

      Engineering manager in Google tells his story 

      One can't help but remembering the wise words of Steve Jobs "keep looking, don't settle" when hearing Roberto's Colnaghi story. He always dreamed to live abroad, and therefore applied for Canadian citizenship. After obtaining it, he moved with his family, selling all their belongings to build a new life abroad. The beginning was tough, he managed to get a job which barely covered their living costs, after a year moved back to Brazil, then back again to Canada, back to Brazil, had a startup, worked in Amazon, lived in Seattle, then moved to Santa Cruz in California, and now works in Google.
      It is an amazing journey that he and his family have endured, going above and beyond their comfort zones, always up to the new challenges life has brought them.

      From Thailand to Sweden

      When one thinks about Thailand, the first images that come to mind are beautiful beaches, delicious food and massages at the beach, but there are a lot of brilliant minds there as well.

      Sirikun is the only daughter of a successful entrepreneur who, instead of enjoying the profits of his hard work, decided to come to Sweden, dreaming to create her own business.

      Last year she had a project among selected for the first round of Chalmers Ventures and it did not go forward, but that did not turn her down. In fact this year another project in which she has been involved has just been awarded the Göteborg Energi Sustainability Scholarship, working to develop new and better materials for smarter energy storage solutions.

      Marina in the land of the rising sun

      Marina was finishing high school and almost giving up to live abroad, as she always dreamed, when she heard about the scholarships offered by the Japanese government. She needed hard work to improve her skills in math, but passed the test and got to study fashion in one of the most prestigious fashion universities in Japan. Along the way plans changed and she now works as Java programmer. She speaks fluent Japanese, and their mates are impressed not with her impressive proficiency in Japanese, but that she speaks English, that "is so difficult" :) It is a great interview, you can not miss it !

      Débora Gonçalves (Relocation to Silicon Valley)

      Débora Gonçalves is a Senior Relocation Consultant who is specialised in movings to the San Francisco Bay Area/Silicon Valley. Since 2011 she has assisted over 600 assisted employees, interns and candidates for jobs at all major tech companies (Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Twitter, Electronic Arts, Dropbox), Financial and Consulting Companies (Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, KPMG, PwC, Ernest&Young, BlackRock), Car Companies (VW, Audi, Tesla), and other companies (Chevron, Philips, GE, GAP, EventBrite, Burberry, Sephora).

      If you have a "fat" proposal from one of the IT giants, plan to continue your studies in the universities in the neighbourghood, or even if you are considering just to go there and take your chances, you should definetively hear her tips.

        Working in Google and Whatsapp

        One can definitively not say that Luisa is afraid to move out of her comfort zone. She always dreamed to live abroad, but her parents did not believe that she would stand being away and participating in an exchange program. She then made a deal that, as soon as she finished high school, they would pay her tuition in an university abroad.

        She has been living in USA ever since, first in California, and now in Texas. Despite her your age, she graduated in San Diego University, worked 4 years in Google and now is Legal Analyst in Whatsapp in Austin. Hear the experience of this brave Brazilian woman that decided where to go, planned, and now is living the life of her dreams.

          High School for a tennis player

          Carolina Chaves is a successful tennis player from Porto Alegre, Brasil who got the opportunity to improve her skills by joining Montverde Academy High School in Florida. She had been studying there for four years, being part of the school’s tennis team and having excellency in her academics She has proven to be a leader by being part if the National Honor Society and her school’s Arts and Athletics Committee, Headmaster’s Leadership Institute, and being the Head Prefect of her school. She has received several prizes including the Headmaster’s award, Most Valuable player and the Purple and Gold award, which is given to the varsity student-athlete that exemplifies the fundamental tenets of Montverde Academy.

          With such an impressive CV she applied for several universities and got accepted in the majority of them, choosing Adelphi due to the location and the two scholarships she received, covering 85% of the tuition costs, not only for her tennis skills but mainly for her academic curriculum.

            Latinos beyond America

            Latinos are known for their easy laugh, sociability, colorful clothes and the "million words" to tell any story, while Swedes in general are the opposite. They don’t really want to stand out of the crowd by wearing bright colours in winter time, like very much their privacy and are economic with words.  Being invited for a fika, a pause for having coffee together, doesn't mean that the conversation will flow all the time, something unimaginable for a latino, who has "silence panic". One might say that it would be impossible to adapt, and yet they love their new country and long to be back when they are away.

            You will hear the stories about these 3 brilliant latinos with successful business careers, and their steps from their homeland to this beautiful country of the lagom culture. 

            Dream big

            "I always dreamed about being part of a team of stars. Before I could expect it, I finally get promoted and have the dream job. I am one of the stars… the youngest and less experienced one but still.... It was overwhelming and the gap of experience kicks in. What do you do then?"

            Andrea tells about her journey from from being a kid who understood that to have better chances in her life she should study hard, and later starting as a trainee to being part of the worldwide management team of the Volvo Group.

            She is also a brilliant coach, who always says that "for competent people there is always a place in the market". 

            Data about Rio Grande do Sul

            Sandra Bacaltchuck is the owner of Visitors Assist and since 1999 has been assisting executives from JCPenney, Nike, GM, Japan Tobacco, and several other international companies. She will give an overall picture of the country and culture.

              Special access interviews

              Coming next

              A viking living abroad

              Sweden has 10 million inhabitants, Japan 126.5 and India 1.3 billion inhabitants. Sweden uses the roman alphabet, India and Japan have their own symbols, in India there are over 19.500 mother tongues. Culturewise, the power of women is significantly different,  as well as food, dress code, transportation, climate, social rules - to be a GlobePerson one needs to really navigate between cultures, specially when living in its country. After all, "There is not a second chance to make a first good impression".

              Mikael Thelin will talk about his experience in a global company, managing a team first remotely and later even living in India and Japan, leading international projects where diversity really increases the quality of the final delivery.   

              In culture, there is no right or wrong, no better or worse, just different codes of conduct that every society chooses to adopt.

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