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Life Beyond Borders


Beyond borders

Improve your international competence

For the high performers who seek continuous improvement

If your goal is to create an international carreer and/or go live abroad, you should definetively check this page.

Would you imagine to see an athlete without a coach? Or a singer? Or a musician? High performers realize that, even if eventualy they will figure out the advices received from coaches, they want to have a "knowledge shortcut" on their learning curve. There is no time to waste!

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Marina in the land of the rising sun

Marina was finishing high school and almost giving up to live abroad, as she always dreamed, when she heard about the scholarships offered by the Japanese government. She needed hard work to improve her skills in math, but passed the test and got to study fashion in one of the most prestigious fashion universities in Japan. Along the way plans changed and she now works as Java programmer. She speaks fluent Japanese, and their mates are impressed not with her impressive proficiency in Japanese, but that she speaks English, that "is so difficult" :) It is a great interview, you can not miss it !

From Israel to UK

She went alone to live in Israel when she was 19, had many twists and turns in her career until a professor found her biggest talent: teach special need kids, and became known worldwide. Among her achievements a kid with Down syndrome who stared to read at the age of 4. After 17 years in Israel, among several opportunities to work in different countries, she got an offer to move to London which she could not refuse. She has been living there for the last 23 years, making a difference for so many kids that others see as "disabled". She believes that every one of them has a "key of access" and it is her role as teacher to be the kid's mediator to the world.

Developing your leadership skills

Don't miss the chance of be coached by Camila Camargo, who has been working for almost 20 years in Volvo, many of them being responsible for developing skills, providing training in operationality and leadership around the world. Camila Camargo is an expert in helping people achieve their full potential.

She started her career in Brazil, was expatriated to Sweden and later to United States, has advised countless people spread across Americas, Europe, Africa and - believe it - even in the Middle East, a woman, imagine that! From young age she has lived the international cultures and lived in  several countries, among them a project that took her to live in India for a year.

This seminar is intended for professionals that are either already in an international placement or are interested in expanding their careers in global companies or to new countries, and will be conducted in English,  but she is available for individual sessions in English or Portuguese upon demand. 

Dream big

"I always dreamed about being part of a team of stars. Before I could expect it, I finally get promoted and have the dream job. I am one of the stars… the youngest and less experienced one but still.... It was overwhelming and the gap of experience kicks in. What do you do then?"

Andrea tells about her journey from from being a kid who understood that to have better chances in her life she should study hard, and later starting as a trainee to being part of the worldwide management team of the Volvo Group.

She is also a brilliant coach, who always says that "for competent people there is always a place in the market". 

Breaking prejudices beyond borders

Albert Einstein once said that "it is easier to break an atom than a prejudice". Get to know the story of these brilliant Brazilian women who broke prejudices and are now successful internationally, creating their own space at the university or in multinational companies.

Without quotas or favors, they compete for space with men and women from all over the world.

Learn their incredible stories and listen to their guidance in this seminar with limited spaces.

Via extracurricular activities I've got

my dream job

She is 31 one years old, and yet has an amazing curriculum.Since graduating high school Marcela has lived in 5 different countries, learning not only different languages but how to navigate in different cultures. Having worked in IKEA, Sephora, L’Oréal, Reckitt Benckiser and now Carlsberg, Marcela has a broad understanding of companies from different countries as well as different industries. Today she lives in Copenhagen working as Global Marketing Manager for a brand that is present in 56 countries worldwide.

Beyond borders 

As it is well known, in 1492 Colombo, believing that the world was round, headed for the Indies and arrived in America, beginning its integration with the rest of the known world.

Centuries later, these brilliant professionals dared to leave their comfort zones and went to other countries looking for work,  opportunities and to build their international carreers abroad. 

Learn their incredible stories and listen to their guidance in this seminar with limited spaces.

Brazilian athletes beyond borders

During the current crisis many people are communicating via Zoom and Google meet, but there is a class of professionals who will always keep on traveling: our spectacular athletes. They are admired all over the world not only for their talent, but also for their contagious joy that really contribute to making football the greatest show on earth.

Outside of the training sessions, however, there is a lot of information that can help them better integrate in society. The Intercultural Training Specialist will open this Seminar followed by the testimony of 4 players who lived abroad and will tell us the lessons they learned.

From Poland with love

Marie Curie, born in Poland and naturalized French, was the first woman to receive two Nobel prizes and the first woman to be a professor at the University of Paris. Struggling with countless prejudices she was much less known than Einstein, even though she was the pioneer in radioactivity.

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