Life Beyond Borders

Name:             Heloisa Oderich


Skills:                Business Analyst, IT strategy

Location:        Göteborg, Sweden

Languages:   Portuguese, English, Spanish, Swedish



Over 35 years experience in Information Technology, in the most diverse areas: IT Infrastructure, operating systems, databases, EDI, BI, Barcodes, ERP customization, CAD/CAM/CNC, Digital Certification, Knowledge Base, Quality Management, ISTQB procedures and their automation, KPIs for management, Microsoft Licensing and more.
Worked in small, midsize and big companies, with teams in different countries, cultures, languages and time zones.

Expertise in integrations between business aplications.
As an entrepreneur now working with solutions to optimize healthcare with focus on multi language environments. 

Honours & Awards

  • Solution selected by the Copenhagen Hub for screening and triage of the Coronavirus 

  • Alumni of Smile Incubator, a business incubator specialized in life science who has been awarded the maximum support for its Innovation Excellens program

  • Member of Health Tech Nordic, who represents a community of fast-growing Nordic startups who offer a variety of empowering world-class healthtech solutions.  

  • Finalist of the Creative Business Cup Sweden 2019 (Sweden)

  • Award from the Council for Historical and Cultural Heritage of Porto Alegre for the restauration of the historical building Solar Riachuelo 2009 (Brazil) 

    • 36th place in Vansbrosimningen 2003 (Sweden) - Biggest open Waters swimming competition in the world


    • Diploma Mérito Social RS 2001 (Brazil) - Social leadership


    • 8th place in the rank of Brazilian Open Water Female Swimmers  1997 (Brazil)


  • EDISA's prize for student in Computer Technology 1987 (Brazil)


GlobePatient (Sweden)

CEO / Founder

Solutions to optimize the healthcare flow prior, during and after the appointment in multiple languages, which:

  • reduces operative costs
  • increases patient's adherence to the treatment
  • lowers significantly the no show/not performed rates (patients not showing up for appointments, or showing up non prepared for exams)

Volvo (Sweden)

Business Analyst

  • Integrations with the Global Purchasing System
  • Financing System for Sales & Marketing

Trade Extensions (Sweden)

Quality Manager

Responsible of the quality assurance of the releases of TESS, a platform for tenders and auctions used by several of the Fortune 500 companies, among otyhers.

Jackwal SA (Brazil)

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Responsible for the EMR systems, CAD/CAM integrations, EDI integrations, barcodes, and echnology within the company