Life Beyond Borders


Would you imagine to see an athlete without a coach? Or a singer? Or a musician? High performers realize that, evenif eventualy they will figure out the advices received from coaches, they want to have a "knowledge shortcut" on their learning curve. There is no time to waste!


Our partners have been working over 30 years developing businesses all around the world, over 20 years of them with sourcing / consulting with Brazil, mailny with Exports (building material, furniture/parts, sport goods, food etc).



Settling down in a new country can be an exciting but challenging experience: it demands a whole set of services. Our specialists will support you every step of the way to make sure you and your family adapt swiftly and settle down fast and well in your new hometown.

They can even help you out when it is time to pack back your things and return back home, closing accounts, cancelling services and assist you with your needs.


There is not a second chance to make a first good impression

Specifically after the pandemic, with the increase of web meetings and decrease of the time where people built a relationship, such as in coffee breaks, lunches of happy hours, there has been a high demand, specifically from international companies, for intercultural training. 


In the long run people hardly regret the decision of a life beyond borders, but there are moments which may be particularly challenging. When it happens, we want to have support from people that we feel comfortable with and trust to engage in actions for a change. Perhaps a psychologist, nutricionist to handle weight issues, or even a physical trainer to help you set goals and exercize regularly. 

We want you to feel taken care of.


Be inspired by the journey of amazing GlobePersons

Every week new interviews are being published with people who dared to go far beyond their comfort zone and made history. You will realize that they once were just like you and me, but they set their goals, worked hard and learned how to control their fear. It was not a smooth path, but, like Nelson Mandela once said: "either you win or you learn".


This viking stole my heart. He lived for a while in Brazil, I live now in Sweden, our daughter lives with her family in Copenhagen. Along our journey we had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people from all over the world, travelling, working together or just meeting socially, that's the reason I created GlobePerson, to guide anyone who dreams of a Life beyond borders.

Going beyond one's comfort zone is never easy, our team wishes to prepare you in the best way for facing this challenge and live life in its full potential. And, when the road seems too steep up to proceed, get support from the wellness team to put you back on your feet again.